(13-05-2021: 11pm-12am) Breaking News Translations: Palestinian-Israeli War


A translation of some of the latest headlines from Arab media regarding the ongoing conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis, specifically from outlets that are not only providing alternative framings to that of Western mainstream media, but on-the-ground coverage as well.

The following transcript covers breaking news items between 11pm and 12am on 13 May, 2021.

Source: Al-Mayadeen TV / Al-Manar TV (Websites)

Date: 13 May, 2021


Mayadeen TV: 23:01: Israeli media outlets: Minister of Defense Benny Gantz extended state of emergency in Lod for 48 hours at the request of the police.

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:07: Sirens sound in the vicinity of Gaza

Al-Mayadeen TV: Benny Gantz: We do not have a time limit. We will continue to defend and attack

Al-Manar TV: 23:14: Abu Hamza to the Zionist enemy: The fate of your soldiers will be either death or (being captured as) prisoners, so do not threaten us with what is our victory

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:13: Benny Gantz: We will continue to defend and attack until there is a ceasefire and long-term calm

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:14: Abdel-Bari Atwan (political analyst): The biggest gift that “Israel” gives to the resistance would be carrying out ground operations in Gaza

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:15: US Senator Bernie Sanders: The role of the United States should be to bring the peoples of the region together

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:18: Sanders: Washington’s role should be to bring the people of the region together, not just support a right-wing Israeli government

Al-Manar TV: 23:20: Zionist strike targets a site for the Palestinian resistance northeast of Beit Lahiya

Al-Alam TV: 23:26: Missile attack from Southern Lebanon targeting the occupation entity

Al-Mayadeen: 23 26: Israeli media outlet reports that a 48-year-old Palestinian man is burning a car near a police station in Lod

Al-Mayadeen: 23:26: New sirens sound in the vicinity of Gaza

Al-Manar TV: 23:27: Clashes between Palestinian youths and the occupation forces in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem, amid the presence of dozens of armed settlers

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:32: The Islamic Jihad Movement: The confrontations of the occupied territories prove that Palestine is one and indivisible

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:38: At least two people were injured in a shooting in Lod

Al-Manar TV: 23:38: Al-Qassam Brigades launch Sejjil missiles at Hatzerim airbase from which warplanes launch airstrikes at civilians in Gaza

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:41: The military spokesman for al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades Abu Ataya: We are all confident that the enemy will not dare to take the step of a ground war

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:43: Abu Ataya: What the occupation is doing on the borders of Gaza is a show that will not terrorize our heroic people

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:44: Abu Ataya: We have taught the enemy a painful lesson in all land battles, and if it repeats it again, it will only see hell

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:44: Abu Ataya: Our brigades are chasing enemy gatherings on the outskirts of Gaza with missiles and mortar shells, and they have achieved direct hits

Al-Manar TV: 23:44: Al-Qassam Brigades bombard occupied Beer Sheba with Sejjil missiles

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:49: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: A drone bombed a house in Beit Lahiya located in the northern Gaza Strip

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:52: Youth activist Hanan Nafar to Al-Mayadeen: Youth groups attempt to confront settlers protected by the police

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:52: Youth activist Hanan Nafar to Al-Mayadeen: We in Lod need international protection from settlers’ attacks

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:54: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: Israeli gunboats bombard the beach north of Gaza City

Al-Mayadeen TV: 23:54: Three direct hits were made to three houses in Beersheba

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