Nasrallah: ‘1st Iran fuel-laden ship to set sail for Lebanon in hours, won’t be last’


In a speech on the Islamic occasion of Ashura delivered hours ago, Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced that a ship loaded with much needed fuel will set sail from Iran to Beirut in a matter of hours.

In a direct warning to the Americans and the Israelis, Nasrallah said that from the moment the ship sets sail from Iran, his movement will consider the ship as “Lebanese territory”.

Below is a translation of breaking news items from Al-Manar TV’s website with regards to Nasrallah’s comments.

Source: Al-Manar TV (website)

Date: August 19, 2021

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Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s Secretary General:

– I announce that our first ship is completely ready, and will set from Iran within hours with the blessings of (Imam) al-Husayn to Lebanon

– This ship will be followed by another ship and other ships i.e. (what I’m announcing today) is not limited to one ship 

– (Nasrallah to the Americans and Israelis): From the moment this Iranian ship sets sail (from Iran), we will consider (the ship) as Lebanese territory

– We are a people who will never allow our people to be humiliated

– Let no one make the mistake of entering into a challenge with us, because the matter has become linked to the dignity of our people, and we will never allow our people to be humiliated

– We extend our gratitude and appreciation to Ayatollah (Sayyed Ali) Khamenei and the Iranian President (Ibrahim Raisi) for their permanent support for Lebanon

– We thank Iran for its permanent support for the people of Lebanon, as well as for the resistance, (which enabled us) to liberate our land and repel (all forms of) aggression

– The severed hand of the martyr Qassim Soleimani (that laid) on the grounds of Baghdad Airport is a powerful witness (to the reality) that Iran never abandons its friends

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