‘If Israel harms Iran fuel ship to Lebanon, Quds liberation war to begin’: Qandil


Senior Lebanese political analyst Nasser Qandil warns Israel of ‘the war that will dismantle Israel’ if Tel Aviv obstructs or attacks an Iranian tanker currently on its way to supply Lebanon with critical fuel supplies.

The unprecedented and daring move to ship fuel from Iran directly to Hezbollah was announced days ago by the Lebanese movement’s Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Source: Al-Manar TV via Kalam Siyasi (YouTube)

Date: August 20, 2021

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Nasser Qandil, Senior Lebanese Political Analyst:

This conformity, what they call ‘strategic timing intelligence’. Before us lies a regional-international scene, in which the US has failed in Afghanistan. This collapse…just listen to what NATO and NATO leaders are saying, that there is no longer any reason for NATO to exist! After all, what is military force good for if the very concept of intervention for the sake of producing (new) political (conditions/realities/equations) is seen by the (US) president as outdated, and if this military force is going to be devoted to protecting the US homeland and national security?

This means that there is no longer any need for a global strike force, because it is incapable of producing (new) political (realities/equations). This is what Biden’s (new) dicourse reveals, that state building cannot be approached by way of military force.

Later on, we’ll also start to hear the consequences of this decision on US companies and rich, industrial American states, because why should I remain part of a federal government and finance it if it won’t open up markets and secure raw materials for me?

Amid this (US) collapse, the first side to make use of this opportunity – amid this new regional-international equation – was Hezbollah and its decision to bring in fuel-laden ships to Lebanon, because it made use of this vacuum, this weakness, this collapse, but did so for the greater good. It also made use of Israel’s weakness and decline.

I don’t think that the Israelis will refrain from striking Lebanon because the Lebanese people stand behind the resistance (i.e. Hezbollah), rather, it will be because “Israel” knows (the realities) in terms of sheer (military) power. What I mean to say is that that Sayyed Hassan (Nasrallah) sufficed himself to the equation that…


…I wanted to leave it to you to explain this matter, because a large portion…

Nasser Qandil:

(Nasrallah) said that (the Iranian fuel-laden ship) was ‘Lebanese territory’, nothing more, but Israel should read into this. You yourselves (i.e. the Israelis) are saying that ‘Sayyed Hassan is provoking you, that he wants a war’. You yourselves are saying that ‘he has a surplus of power, enough (power) for him to launch a war and destroy us, and we don’t want to give him any pretexts’. You are the ones saying that ‘the equation of (Israel harming the people & city of) al-Quds will ignite a regional war (with the Resistance Axis) is an invention…’ – and I’m only telling you what the Israelis are saying – ‘…that was invented by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in order to justify going into a confrontation in which he will use this surplus power (of the Resistance Axis) to destroy Israel.

Maintain your sanity! Any attack on this ship will spell the beginning of the war that will end Israel. This [attack] isn’t something that will end with a retaliation on an (Israeli) gas platform (or something of the like). This is something that will be the beginning of…


You’re trying through this analysis to explain a large portion of something that Sayyed (Hassan Nasrallah) left open for interpretation (during his speech)?…

Nasser Qandil:

I don’t claim to have (confirmed) information around this…


I only said analysis…

Nasser Qandil:

I’m just saying that if there is a voice of reason among the Israelis, he’d grab those hot-headed (Israeli official colleagues) by the ears, and he’d tell them to sit aside and not get (Israel) involved, (he’d get them) to turn a blind eye to this (Iranian) ship (headed to Lebanon) and let it arrive safely, because this resistance (i.e. Hezbollah) possesses the power, strength, and will to enter into a legitimate confrontation. So do not give it the justification to enter into the war that will destroy Israel and dismantle it.

Heading to (the liberation war) of al-Quds will begin if Israel does something to make going into (such a) war legitimate. And the legitimacy of (such a) war, in terms of the life and death of people, will be morally, religiously, patriotically and humanely unquestionable (if Israel does anything to that Iranian ship).

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