US/oil cartels blocking Russian offer to resolve Lebanon’s electricity crisis: Report


A news report surrounding a Russian offer to help resolve the long-standing electricity problem of Lebanon, which has devolved into a severe crisis in recent months.

The electricity problem in Lebanon is a highly politicised and controversial issue. This report suggests that it is the Americans and the local oil cartels within Lebanon that are blocking such a Russian offer from being accepted by the government in Beirut that would ease the suffering of the Lebanese people.

Source: Al Manar TV (Twitter)

Date: October 2, 2021

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To whom it may concern, the Russian offer to resolve (Lebanon’s) electricity problem still stands, and these are its most recent developments.

Dr. Hassan Moqalled, Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Al-E’mar w-al-Eqtisad (Construction and Economy):

In 7-10 days, a Russian company is going to come to Lebanon. It is one of the major (Russian) firms. It will come to present its offer in written form. This is no secret, I myself relayed the offer to relevant authorities (in Lebanon) – specifically to (Lebanon’s Energy) Minister – four days ago during my stay in Moscow. However, we’re going to give (the Minister) a complete and official presentation of the offer in 7-10 days.

Walid Fayad, Lebanon’s Energy Minister:

I’ll tell you whenever we receive a concrete offer (from Russia), so far there’s nothing concrete,


The intent is not to begin a pointless discussion or argument (with the Minister). In any case the Russian offer will become clearer and more concrete in a matter of days. In order to help clarify the contents of the (Russian) offer to officials in Lebanon, here is (an explanation).

Dr. Moqalled:

As for the offer, again, this is an offer to build an oil refinery (capable of refining) 150,000 barrels a day. During the first stage, a refinery can be built within a period of six months that can refine 20,000 barrels a day, while construction (of the refinery so that it can operate at full capacity) will take 12-18 months. The company will also supply Lebanon with its fuel needs until construction of the refinery is complete.


Clearly (this is a brilliant offer), as evidenced by the numbers. So how can an offer like this be refused, (an offer that will save) hundreds of millions of dollars (being spent) on temporary solutions that will only serve to increase power supply by a few hours (per day)? Who can block (such an offer)?

Dr. Moqalled:

Firstly, a large portion of officials (in Lebanon) believe that no solution can be accepted unless it comes from within the American orbit. Secondly, there is the sheer magnitude of the interests of the (local) oil cartels (at stake here], which is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Energy Minister Walid Fayad:

Bring (the offer) to me next time. Bring it to me please.


It is on its way. The Russian offer will be presented yet again, just as the energy minister requested. This is an opportunity that only requires a decision…yet again.

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