‘If Yemen siege not lifted, strikes on Saudi Arabia will continue’: Ansarullah official


Following unilateral ceasefires from both Anasrullah-led forces and Saudi Arabia in recent days, member of Ansarullah’s Political Council Muhammad al-Bukhaiti told Al-Mayadeen TV that if the Saudi-led siege on Yemen is not completely lifted, Yemeni strikes on vital targets in Saudi Arabia and other hostile states will continue.

The following are translations of breaking news items collated from Al-Maydeen’s website.

Al-Mayadeen TV (Website)

March 30, 2022

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Member of Ansarullah’s Political Council, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti:

– We assure enemies and friends that the siege of Yemen is a (form of) military action, and its continuation means that military action is ongoing as well.

– The continuation of the siege means that (our) strikes against aggressor countries will continue.

– The Saudis know that Ansarullah will not agree to participate in the call for dialogue in Riyadh.

– If the cessation of military operations does not include a cessation of the siege, we will consider that as a continuation of the aggression (on Yemen).

– The aggression on Yemen was based on an American decision and its continuity represents an American interest and not a Saudi or Emirati interest.

– President al-Mashat’s initiative is just, equitable, and achieves peace, and so far, we have not received any positive signs from Saudi Arabia.

– The Saudi initiative aims to circumvent President al-Mashat’s initiative.

– Had it not been for the Yemeni operations aimed at breaking the siege, Saudi Arabia would not have taken the initiative to cease fire.

– Everyone realised that the decision to pump more oil into the global market is no longer in the hands of Saudi Arabia or the UAE, but rather in the hands of Yemen.

– The Russia-Ukraine war increased the impact of our strikes (on vital Saudi targets).

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