‘I will never allow the establishment of a Palestinian state’: Israeli PM


Translation of a short video report by RT Arabic surrounding a recent statement made by Israeli PM Naftali Bennet in which he categorically rejected any negotiations that allow for the formation of a Palestinian state.

Source: RT Arabic

Date: January 29, 2022

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It has been seven months since Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took office, and here he is today dispelling (any) doubts about his government’s political path: frank rejection of the Oslo Accords and peace based on the two-state solution.

Naftali Bennett, Israeli Prime Minister:

As long as I am prime minister (of Israel), there will be no implementation of the Oslo (Accords). I am from the right wing, and my stances have not changed; I continue to oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state, and I defend our state. I will not allow for political negotiations that entail a Palestinian state, and I am not ready to meet any of the Palestinian Authority leaders.

In a related context, observers see in Bennett’s statements major differences between the political agendas of the Israeli parties that make up the government coalition (currently) governing Israel.

Elie Nisaan, Political Analyst:

The question is: will Bennett hand over the premiership to (Yair) Lapid after the term that has been prescribed for him ends? Will Bennett accept any political path – because as he has emphasised today, that in case of holding any political talks or in case of speaking about the establishment of a Palestinian state, then he will not be a partner within the government. In other words, if he does not participate in the government, this government will dissolve.


It is not surprising that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett voices such rhetoric that opposes peace with the Palestinians, as he assumed power by supporting settlement activity in the West Bank, and via the support of the Yamina (Alliance), the preferred party of (Israeli) settlers.

Bennett has not shown different behavior to that of his predecessor, Netanyahu. (Bennett) is following the footsteps of the one who opposed dialogue and negotiations with the Palestinians. This blocks the horizon before a two-state solution while negotiations remain (indefinitely) suspended.

From the city of al-Quds, Dalia Nimri, RT

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