How serious are Israel’s latest war threats against Iran? (Mayadeen Report)


A recent Al Mayadeen TV news report questioning the seriousness of Israel’s recent, almost non-stop war threats against Iran.

Source: Al Mayadeen Channel (YouTube)

Date: December 29, 2021

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Israel – with its government, military and security establishment – sleeps while dressed with its military attire, ever since the (Iran) nuclear negotiations were set to launch in Vienna. Its government ministries and spokesmen, along with its high-ranking military figures, have been transmitting a non-stop series of (potential) Iran war scenarios . Not a single day passes anymore without Israel issuing threats against Iran, politically and militarily, as if the war is to take place tomorrow.

Israelis know very well that Iran’s capabilities today are (totally) different than in previous years, and they (very well know) that (Iran) has alongside it a huge axis that stretches from Yemen to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and most importantly Palestine. Furthermore,  the Israelis know very well that Iran’s military capabilities do not exist to be stored away, for they witnessed Iran in the (Persian) Gulf pursuing and warning off American and British warships, rather even landing (its troops on ships) and liberating vessels, and striking American bases in Iraq.

Similarly, such is the case for (Iran’s) allies in Yemen who have proven their capabilities in the battlefield, and who reaffirm every day their readiness to defend Palestine and its people. Likewise in Lebanon, where its resistance succeeded in liberating (Lebanese) land and in forcing the (Israeli) occupation to ‘stand on a leg and a half’ more than once. Likewise in Syria and its victories, and in Iraq with its powerful Hashed (al-Shaabi). As for Palestine, the (recent) Sword of al-Quds (Battle) speaks volumes, (not to mention) the youths of al-Quds and the (West) Bank who produce new epics every day.

‘Israel attacking Iran is like one who hits his head against the wall’, this is what the former (Israeli) Minister of Justice Daniel Friedmann thought of the (Israeli) threats (against Iran).  (Friedmann argues) that Israel lacks the (necessary) readiness to be struck with one thousand missiles per day, and that it would be better for (Israel) to continue burying its head in the sand.

In addition to the (non-stop) statements and psychological warfare (tactics) against Iran, a large number of officials well aware of Israel’s military capabilities believe that it is not certain whether the (Israeli) Air Force is capable of destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities, at least not in the coming years.

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  1. Totally agree. Israel has been isduing the same empty threat via Iran for at least 15 years. Over and over and over and over… Same old, same old. Yawn!

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