Nasrallah: ‘Full reason to believe I myself will pray in al-Quds (Jerusalem)’ – English Subs


In a recent extended interview marking 13 years after the major conflict between Hezbollah and Israel in 2006, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that based on “logic” and the “development of events in the region and the world”, he has great hope that he himself will “pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds (Jerusalem)”.

Earlier in the interview, Nasrallah shared with viewers detailed war-time plans using maps of the ‘Israeli entity’ and its major political, financial, military, and industrial centres and facilities, all of which have been designated as potential targets of Hezbollah’s precision-guided missiles ‘if Israel were to wage another war on Lebanon’.

Source: Al-Manar TV (YouTube)

Date: 12 July, 2019



Who will pray at the Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds (Jerusalem)? Is it your eminence, your children or your grandchildren?


Well, first of all one’s lifespan is in Almighty God’s hands. But if we put this dimension aside, in my opinion, based on logic, time and the development of events in the region and the world, I am one who has great hope that I myself will pray in al-Quds. My words are based on logic. As for the unseen I don’t know, nor do I know how long I’ll live for. I’m saying logically-speaking.


That’s what’s most important here, logic.


Yes…this is Israel…the problem Mr. Imad is that Arabs, in general, were absent. The problem is that not only did we have a “security belt” in Lebanon through which the ‘Lahad (Army)’ was protecting Israel, but we also had (many) security belts – in the form of Arab regimes – protecting Israel. If this entity (Israel) was left alone…this entity remains standing because of two (pillars), and not based on its own power. The first is the American & Western support, and the second is Arabs forsaking (Palestine). Not based upon its own power.

As we said to Arabs in the July War (2006): stand aside, we don’t want you to fight alongside us, just leave us alone. That’s what we said at the time. We asked Arabs to sit aside, and not to conspire against the Palestinian people and the resistance movements. And I again tell them to sit aside, because they’re not doing so. They are conspiring and instigating and punishing…and I know that in most Arab states today, if someone collects money, not for Hezbollah, but for the Palestinian brothers, the Palestinian people and the resistance factions in Palestine, he’ll be thrown into jail, and not that his money is (merely) confiscated.

Do not conspire against the resistance, sit aside as neutrals. Today Israel remains standing thanks only to American protection and support. And even America, if there’s willpower and readiness for resistance, then even it won’t be able to cross the seas and oceans to defend an entity that does not enjoy its own power. Meaning that if we put the second factor aside (the Arab role), and we set the axis of resistance into action, this existence (of Israel) cannot continue.


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