Part (1) – Documentary Film: ‘Nasrallah in (Israeli) eyes’ – English Subs


‘Nasrallah in (Israeli) eyes’ is a documentary film featuring Israeli body language, public relations and psychological warfare experts who analyse various dimensions of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s personality and charisma.

While the 50-minute documentary was aired on Al-Mayadeen TV back in 2014, it nevertheless remains relevant for understanding Middle East politics today, especially the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The documentary is being produced with English subtitles by MEO in 10 x 5 minute episodes to make it more easily consumable for online audiences.

A new English-subtitled episode will be released every 5 days.

Please consider supporting us on Patreon to make our production speed of this documentary and other future translations faster, as our financial resources are currently quite limited.

Source: Al-Mayadeen TV (YouTube)

Date: 30 August, 2014

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