On why we produce so few video translations & how you can change that

Hello friends,

Recently we were asked by some folks that use/consume our translations as to ‘why some of our text translations don’t have video translations (i.e, videos with subtitles) published with them as well?’

We’re asked this question often. The answer is simple: while there are other reasons as to why we’d sometimes go with a text-only translation (e.g. quicker turn around time, censorship constraints, or it’s just not applicable), sometimes we don’t include subtitled videos because it’ll cost us roughly double the amount that it costs us to get that content translated and published as text only.

Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to publish translations with their original videos as much as possible, but we also have to remain conscious of our limited financial resources.

Middle East Observer is a completely crowdfunded initiative. We can only produce as much as people support us with. Although even this statement is not entirely true, to be honest. Ever since we began work in 2010, our wonderful team members have often done work completely voluntarily because they were and remain passionate about MEO’s vision and positive contribution to the online mediated public sphere.

Be a part of MEO’s vision! We welcome ALL contributions, even as little as $1/month. Every contribution counts!

It takes a few minutes to set up an ongoing, automated contribution to MEO via our Patreon page.

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