Hezbollah releases video footage of deep cross-border raid after Israeli PM denies casualties – English Subs


Following denials by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of any serious casualties and growing media reports that the Israeli army staged casualty evacuations to fool Hezbollah, the Lebanese group released video footage of the military operation it carried out days earlier, revealing what appear to be direct hits on an Israeli military armoured vehicle by two Kornet anti-tank missiles.

The video also says that the military operation occurred approximately 1.5 kilometres away from the “Lebanese-Palestinian border”, seemingly confirming Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s statements Monday night that his group’s unprecedented response marks “a new stage in [our] support for Lebanon’s borders”.

Nasrallah explained in a Beirut speech on Monday night that the operation marked a major turning point because it was carried out “deep inside the occupying entity”, and also because it struck Israeli targets in previously untouched locations.

Previously, Hezbollah would only target Israelis inside the Shebaa Farms, which Israel has occupied from Lebanon since 1948.

Hezbollah’s cross-border attack came in response to an Israeli air raid last week that killed two of its fighters in Syria, as well as an Israeli drone attack on southern Beirut, which saw the deployed aircraft crashing into the movement’s media offices.

Source: Al-Manar TV (YouTube)

Date: 2 September, 2019



While Israel is on maximum alert, the view from above is clear.

The (Israeli) settlement of Avivim can be seen. It was built on the land of the occupied (Palestinian) village of Salha.

(Nearby) one can see the Avivim barracks, which is a military command centre. It is charged with directing command and control activities within a particular border zone with Lebanon, specifically the eastern wing of the western-located brigade, the Baram Brigade, which in falls under the command of the Galilee Division.

The (Avivim) Battalion Command Centre is comprised of a battlefield intelligence formation, vehicle maintenance operators and a section charged with protecting the base.

(The Command Centre) is headed by a Lieutenant Officer, who is in charge of directing military measures in this border zone, which stretches from al-Malikiyyah in the east, to the settlement of Matat in the west.

(The Command Centre) is operated by 100 officers and soldiers from the elite forces of the (Israeli) occupation army. Yet (today), as they await the (military) response of the resistance (Hezbollah), the (centre) is completely empty.

The dolls placed as dummies in military vehicles (days earlier) failed to fool (Hezbollah), so (the Israeli army) placed (alternative) empty targets in front of the (Command) centre. These targets include an armoured transport vehicle, and another armoured vehicle used for command and control.

This was the location of one of the firing positions, (as the Hezbollah member) waited for the target to arrive.

In the background, we can see civilian vehicles using the road. And here appears the target before it is struck, an armoured vehicle of the WOLF model.

With the words ‘Ya Baqiyatullah’, the first Kornet missile takes off towards the target, and from another firing position, another (Kornet) missile is fired in order to make sure the target is destroyed.

After the mission is accomplished, a look back from above reveals the location where the (Israeli) military vehicle was targeted by Hezbollah. The estimated length between the (targeted location) and the Lebanese-Palestinian border is approximately 1.5 kms, and approximately 4kms away from the first position from which the (Kornet missile) was fired.

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  1. It is time that Libanon (Hezbollah) is defending its territory! We have enough of the criminal takeover of land by Israel which belong to the peaceful neighbors. Israel is a criminal entity and should be regarded as such. Since the existence of the zionist state we have 70 years of criminal activities from the zionist occupation forces. The 70 years of Palestinian resistance is unparalleled and is an excellent example for the whole world’s resistances against all kinds of injustice.

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