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In a recent political talk program on RT Arabic, Saudi Major General Abdullah Ghanem al-Qahtani played down growing efforts in the US Congress to end American support for the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen.

President Trump vetoed a bipartisan resolution to cut off U.S. military aid to the Saudi-led coalition fighting in the war in Yemen, which has killed an estimated 85,000 children due to famine.

This was the first time Washington lawmakers sent a president legislation under the War Powers Act to end U.S. involvement in a conflict abroad, and it marks only the second veto of Trump’s presidency.

Al-Qahtani also said that Saudi strategy is based on stopping “Iranian terror” in Yemen, in the form of a “militia similar to Hezbollah”, in reference to the popular Sa’dah-based Anasrullah movement, which is spearheading – along with its allies – operations against the Saudi military campaign in the country.

Source: RT Arabic

Date: April 17, 2019


– Saudi Major General Abdullah Ghanem al-Qahtani:

Regarding Yemen and events there, whoever thinks (Saudi) operations against terrorism in Yemen are going to affect Saudi-American relations is mistaken.

– Host:

Yet is not what is occurring today a source of embarrassment or pressure for Saudi Arabia, not only in the US but also in other global circles?  I also have a question posed by many: why is it that when Trump vetoed (the measure to end US support in the Yemen war), the response came from the Emiratis and not the Saudis?

– Saudi Major General:

Because this is a given, because we know that Saudi-American relations will never be affected by such quarrels. Because the UAE is a strategic ally of Saudi Arabia in the Yemen operations. Because this is a very normal issue. Mind you, this issue does not carry much importance in the region, we already knew that Trump would not accept such (actions) in the Congress (against Saudi Arabia). We knew that relations (between the two) are much more important than the issue of Yemen. We knew that there are those who are trying to exploit such circumstances in the media. However, the clear truth is that the Saudi strategy is that it will never accept Iranian terror in – the form of a militia similar to or a copy of Hezbollah – in Yemen. It will never accept this.

And the United States of America knows this, and Saudi Arabia will not accept this, whether it’s alone or within a coalition. As for what is being said (in the Congress), this talk is not important, and if the war continues for a long time, the Saudis have already said: we have no problem with time. We have a firm strategy: no to terrorism, and no to Iran in Yemen.

– Lebanese Brigadier General Charles Abi Nader:

Yes, I believe the most wise and courageous decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would be to stop this war today. And so that we can distance any ‘Iranian interference’ as the dear and respected guest from Riyadh is saying – (well) Iran intervened when the war began. Let’s stop this war, and Iran will withdraw its support, and the political process will restart. I believe that even Ansarullah and the Yemenis who are fighting the (Saudi-led) coalition, they are waiting for (a Saudi decision that seeks) a compromise and negotiations, but ofcourse they will not head towards surrendering, submitting, and abandoning all of the casualties that fell from their side. I believe the issue is heading in this direction.

– Host:

Mr Abdullah, briefly, do you think the Congress, which is the legislative authority in the US, do you think that it will accept such a veto and remain silent? Many believe that a president’s veto in the US usually results in further, stronger and wider insistence on passing the resolution via the legislative branch as a matter of principle, as sometimes such resolutions transcend party lines…

– Saudi Major General:

Do you they have the majority (in Congress), this is first. Do they have the majority to pass such a move? This is from one perspective, furthermore: the issue even in the United States is not that important. It is not that important…

– Host:

Mr Abdullah, I mean the second veto from the US President, and you say the issue is not that important?

– Saudi Major General:

Okay beautiful, this is the United States of America. This is not the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is its president, this is its Congress. These are its institutions. What do we (Saudis) have to do with it? They are the ones that (tried to pass) such a resolution. Let them agree amongst themselves. Let the President accept their resolution, let him compromise for their sake, this is their issue my friend. What do we have to do with it?

We know what we are doing. We know what we are doing. The Saudis know what they are doing. And they know the reality of the situation.

– Political analyst Nasir al-‘Omari:

You are killing the Yemeni people. You are killing the Yemeni people.

– Host:

Mr Nasir, let the guest continue.

– Saudi Major General:

And for this reason, and for this reason, and for this reason…with regards to Yemen, the issue relates to terrorism. Notice the two guests, not once did they talk about terror, they did not say that the Houthis killed thousands of Yemenis, they do not mention that the Houthis killed thousands and thousands of Yemenis –

– Host:

Okay, your point is clear.

– Saudi Major General:

This is a blackout. A real and intended blackout.

– Host:

Okay you point is clear Mr Abdullah.

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