‘Al-Kadhimi must free Iraq from Safavids & their militias’: Saudi analyst


In a recent talk-show appearance on Saudi TV, political commentator Dr Mohammed al-Owain urged Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi to free his country of ‘militias loyal to Khomeini’.

Al-Owain said that Saudis feel like Iraq has been ‘snatched away from us by the Safavids’.

Saudi commentators often use the term ‘Safavid’ as a derogatory term for Iranians and for the Islamic Republic of Iran as a polity.

Al-Owain’s reference to ‘militias’ denotes the core anti-US and pro-Iran military factions that form Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), which played the leading role in defeating ISIS in Iraq.

Source: Saudi 24 TV Channel (YouTube)

Date:  July 18, 2020

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Saudi political commentator Dr Mohammed al-Owain:

I received a message from one of the noble and honorable people of Iraq, one of the gracious and kind people of Iraq. He feels our affection when we talk about Iraq (on this television channel). He said: ‘We feel like you live with us in Iraq. We feel your care and love for Iraq.’ He really spoke about that; about our gallantry, our love, our belief in Arabism everywhere (in the Arab world): in Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Egypt, in Libya…But regarding Iraq in particular, because Mustafa al-Kadhimi (PM of Iraq) is coming to our country (Saudi Arabia) tomorrow. He will be welcomed by our leadership. Iraq is dear to us and we feel like it has been snatched away from us by the Safavids.

Iraq must return to the Arabs. Iraq must return to its people. Iraq is an Arab country with a rich history of creativity, poets, intellectuals. A large number of intellectuals and researchers graduated from the University of Baghdad. Thousands of books were published by this university. How many times have we listened to academic and scientific debates Radio Baghdad?

The noble and honorable people of Iraq must regain the great Iraq. I urge Mustafa al-Kadhimi to assume this great responsibility. I ask Allah to protect him because he is threatened by the Safavids. We ask Allah to protect him. However, he has to tread this path because this is the right path. Iraq must be freed of the militia parties that are being nurtured by Iran and who believe in Khomeini. There is no faith except in Allah first and His Messenger, and (belief) in the fact that Iraq is an Arab country and part of Arabism and cannot be separated from the Arabs.

Thank you to the person who sent this message. I do not want to say his name, but he always writes to us and asks us to stand with Iraq.

Host: God bless him. This love is, of course, mutual.  

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