Fmr Israeli Intel. Officer: ‘Nasrallah always truthful, Hezbollah will respond to recent attacks’ – English Subs


A former Israeli Military Intelligence (Aman) officer recently said that Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s vow to respond to Israeli attacks on his group in Lebanon and Syria must be taken seriously.

Jack Narya, who said he has been following Nasrallah ever since he assumed the post of Hezbollah Secretary General in 1993, warned that “everything (Hassan Nasrallah) said (from then till now) was translated on the ground”.

Narya added that based on the certainty of a Hezbollah response, Israel is on a collision course with the Lebanese group.

Nasrallah emphatically vowed days ago that his group will respond to a rare twin Israeli drone attack on Beirut’s southern suburb and a missile strike on two Hezbollah members in Damascus, calling on the Israeli army to await for the response on “one leg and a half”.

Source: i24 News Arabic

Date: 25 August, 2019



The host: “I say to the Israeli army: Wait for us”. This is what Nasrallah said in his speech today. So should the Israeli army actually take these threats seriously?

Jack Narya, Former Israeli Military Intelligence Officer:

Of course. This is not the first time he (Nasrallah) threatens Israel, nor is it the first time Hezbollah will carry out an operation inside the Israeli territory and at the borders. The last operation was in the Golan Heights where two Israeli soldiers were killed by Hezbollah. Therefore, one should not consider Nasrallah’s statements as empty talk. No, he is a man of his words. I have followed Nasrallah since 1993 when he assumed the position of Hezbollah Secretary General. Everything he said (from then till now) was translated on the ground. What is he saying now? He is saying there will be a response (to the attack). A new situation has arisen between us (Israel) and Hezbollah. Nasrallah believes that the operation carried out yesterday was an offensive operation.


Jack Narya:

What I am saying is based on the statements of Hassan Nasrallah. I don’t know how reliable are the sources claiming that the drones are Iranian, because Nasrallah is saying: “In a few days I will show you the drones. You will see that they are military drones produced in Israel.”

The host: Then on what grounds do some Israeli sources claim – and with images – that these drones are manufactured in Iran?

Jack Narya:

I don’t know. I will form my judgment based on what Nasrallah will do in these couple of days, that’s first. Second, Nasrallah won’t consider himself in a state of confrontation with Israel without tangible evidence. He said “this was an assassination operation, not a reconnaissance operation”. What will the response be? His response will take place on the ground. He said to the IDF: “Wait for us. We are coming for you in one or two days.”

The host: What do you mean by “on the ground” Mr. Jack?

Jack Narya:

It means there will an operation, on the ground, against an Israeli base, an Israeli patrol, or something of the sort, that’s first. Second, he addressed the (Israeli) citizens of the north saying “from this day on, you won’t be getting any sleep. You won’t rest like you did in the past.” Third, he tried to draw the boundaries between us (Israel) and Hezbollah. What is he saying now? He is saying “since 2000 we allowed you to fly over Lebanese skies”….

The host: “and we did nothing about it. But this will change”

Jack Narya:“from now on, we will stop you. We will try to shoot down (your) drones.” Therefore, we (Israel) are heading towards a clash with Hezbollah.


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