(Video): Cleric praises ‘pious’ Saudi royals for banning alcohol over Saudi skies – English Subs

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Prominent Saudi cleric and preacher Sheikh Mohammed al-Fifi heaped praise on the ruling House of Saud, telling his fellow countrymen that they should take pride in the ‘good qualities’ of the Saudi state.

Citing one example of a good quality, al-Fifi asked his audience whether they knew that the House of Saud had banned passengers on foreign planes from consuming alcohol when these planes flew over Saudi skies.

The cleric praised Saudi royals for ‘imposing’ this condition via the International Civil Aviation Organisation, adding that this was a source of pride for Muslims.

Source: Nabd al-Furqan (YouTube)

Date: 25 January, 2018


Sheikh Mohammed al-Fifi:

Question: does the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia not have any good qualities? Why don’t we show them? And for this reason you find that one of the most difficult things for the Muslim Brotherhood is the mentioning of the good qualities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

So fight them by mentioning the good qualities. Fight the Brotherhood and (other) organisations by mentioning the good qualities of the (Saudi) state. I swear by God, it is one of the greatest arrows which can be fired at them. Because they know, if the good qualities are mentioned, people will love the (Saudi) state, and so it will become difficult to deceive (people), because the one who loves his nation will not join such organisations and carry out (a violent act) against his nation, because he loves his nation.

And our state governs according to what, is it not the laws of God? Is not our country the home of the Two Holy Mosques? Is not our country the Qiblah of the Muslims? Is not our country the (land) where (divine) revelation descended? Is not our country the land of prosperity, security and stability? Is not our country the (land) of countless blessings and better than many world countries? So then why aren’t these good qualities mentioned?

One of the good qualities of the (Saudi state) which the Muslim Brotherhood does not and will never mention in their gatherings, is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prohibits (people in) foreign planes from drinking alcohol when they are flying over the skies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It prohibits alcohol to be drunk in foreign planes when they fly over Saudi skies. Did you know this or not? Saudi Arabia implements this via an agreement with the International Civil Aviation Organisation. It forbids the drinking of alcohol in foreign planes when they fly over the (Saudi) Kingdom.

And three years ago, a foreign plane flew over our skies, and one passenger insisted on drinking (alcohol). He was informed that we are currently (flying) over the (Saudi) Kingdom, and so you are not allowed to drink. He rejected this. So the captain contacted the security authorities in Jeddah, the plane landed in Jeddah, handed the passenger over to the authorities, and took off once again. It was possible for the plane to continue flying without anyone knowing. Yet here we see (international) agreements, being imposed by the House of Saud, by using the power and capabilities granted to them by God, that in (Saudi) skies, drinking alcohol is prohibited. Not just on the ground, but in the sky too. Don’t we have the right to be proud of a state with such practices and beliefs? By God yes.


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