2020: How Ansarullah-backed Yemeni forces turned defense into attack: TV Report


An Iraqi TV report on the major transformation brought about by Ansarullah-backed Yemeni forces in 2020, which have turned defense into attack.

Source: Al Etejah TV (You Tube)

Date: January 8, 2021

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(The year) 2020 in Yemen was completely different to previous years.

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yehya Saree’ held a press conference in which he reviewed the results of 2020. He revealed that the (Saudi-led) aggression coalition  launched more than 8,800 air raids in several Yemeni provinces that killed and wounded many civilians.

Brigadier General Yehya Saree, Spokesman for the Ansarullah-backed Yemeni Armed Forces:

The warplanes and UAVs of the (Saudi-led) aggression coalition launched in 2020 more than 8,888 airstrikes, of which 8,478 were launched by warplanes, while 410 of them were carried out by UAVs. These airstrikes targeted 13 Yemeni provinces.


On the other hand, 2020 went down as a disaster for the states of the aggression’s (coalition). During 2020, the battle shifted from defense to attack, and large parts of the borders, al-Jawf, Nihm and al-Bayda, were liberated. Moreover, more than 15,000 mercenaries of the enemy forces were killed or wounded. In addition, thousands of vehicles and armored vehicles were destroyed on various fronts.

Yahya Saree’:

More than 15,366 (coalition troops) were killed or wounded, including 6,467 dead and more than 8,899 wounded.

The enemy also incurred (considerable) losses in material equipment. Our competent authorities documented that more than 1,090 (hostile) vehicles, armored vehicles, tanks and bulldozers had been destroyed or neutralised by units of our armed forces.


Brigadier General Saree’ confirmed that more than 253 ballistic and winged missiles were launched (against Saudi-led forces), 75 of which targeted the depth of the (enemy) and struck its targets with (high) precision. He went on to announce that 10 new sensitive enemy targets have now been added to the list of potential targets for the Yemeni missile force units in 2021.

2020 is the year in which the Yemeni army shifted from defense to attack, as (some) provinces were liberated and ballistic missile systems had been produced. So, what will 2021 bring for the aggression and its tools?

Abdullah Ali

Al Etejah TV


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