Israel suffering huge economic losses from ongoing conflict: Report


A short report by Al-Manar TV on the economic, financial and material losses suffered so far by Israel as a result of the latest fighting and confrontations with the Palestinians.

Source: Al-Manar TV (website)

Date: May 14, 2021



Israeli occupation suffering great losses in “Sword of al-Quds” Battle

May 14, 2021

Operation “Sword of al-Quds” has inflicted grave economic and financial losses on the Israeli occupation. This is besides the Israeli fear of an intifada (uprising) by Palestinians living in the occupied territories, (who have being carrying out acts of popular resistance) that have paralyzed the economic cycle in the (1948 occupied) territories.

Has the operation laid waste to the Zionist entity’s dream of becoming the financial center of the Mediterranean coastline?

Over the past five years, the Zionists have been attempting to turn Tel Aviv into the hub of the Middle East following the recent discovery of oil in the Mediterranean. However, the Palestinian resistance’s strikes, its game-changing surprises, and its targeting of the occupation’s capital and its critical facilities (during the latest fighting) have complicated the matter further.

The economic losses incurred by the Zionist entity since the first day of operation “Sword of al-Quds” (as of May 14th 2021) are:

  • 28% losses in the Tel Aviv stock market
  • 26% of factories have completely shut down in the area around the Gaza strip, and 17% have partially suspended operations in the rest of the occupied territories.
  • More than 2,800 houses in the cities and settlements have been directly damaged.
  • The total cost of the military operation against Gaza has exceeded $250 million so far, averaging $50 million/day.
  • The operating cost of the Iron Dome has gone upwards of $60 million so far.
  • Flights have been shut down at the (Israeli) entity’s Ben Gurion and Ramon airports.
  • 70% of schools and universities have closed throughout the occupied territories.
  • Economic activity has been paralyzed within territories witnessing a Palestinian Intifada in support of Gaza and al-Quds.

Furthermore, Zionist economic experts have stated that the continuation of the war will necessitate a transfer of emergency funds to the War Ministry, which comes at the expense of the budgets that were supposed to be used for private civilian needs.

This comes amidst the economic impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the (Israeli) entity, further complicating issues amid rising fears of the effect this might have on foreign investments in the occupied territories, which could very well lead to their cancellation.

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  1. This is nice to know that they pay a price. But we will see if Washington does not cover the losses, and more. I suspect they will.

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