Nasrallah: Future violation of al-Quds will trigger regional war with Resistance Axis


Following the latest round of fighting between Israel and the Palestinians of Gaza, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that the ‘Axis of Resistance’ ought to establish a new equation: ‘(future Israeli violation of) al-Quds equals regional war’.

Source: Spot Shot (YouTube)

Date: 25 May, 2021

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Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah:

Based on this assessment, there’s an important issue I wish to raise, and it is – in my opinion – the most important thing I will say in this speech; meaning that this is something we should carefully consider and work towards. This important thing that the Zionists should know and understand, to which the Ummah should also strive, not to mention the Axis of Resistance, which is in fact actively pursuing this and preparing for it – however we still need to work at this harder and faster – …

They should know that – and I am now addressing the enemy’s leaders, its leadership, its government, its army and whoever may be at their head in the next government or in the coming years – based on this (latest) experience you need to reconsider your assessments. You should know (based on what happened with Gaza)…you should know that when you threaten Al-Quds (Jerusalem), as a holy city, the Al-Aqsa mosque and Islamic and Christian sacred sites, that this is totally different from any other act.

You may kill some leaders here, or forcefully evict…as you do in some areas, as you do with the Arabs in al-Naqab (Negev) or other places, or some houses in different areas, you may assault or establish security perimeters or any number of things…but as long as this does not threaten al-Quds as a holy site, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, or Muslim and Christian holy sites, then those actions have their own formulas and responses.

However, when you threaten holy sites, then the matter is something different. The proof (for this assertion of mine) is what Gaza did in the past few weeks i.e. what the leadership of the resistance in Gaza committed to (militarily) with regards to al-Quds – the holy city – and the (other) holy sites. This is a clear commitment, and they abide by their commitments.

Moreover, I wish to add something that is related to outside of Gaza. We were all following the development of the battle. Let us leave slogans or hyperboles aside. The Axis of Resistance, its leaders, the resistance movements (of this Axis) in such circumstances are in communication (with each other) not only on a daily basis, but rather on an hourly basis. They act rationally, wisely, and responsibly, and in accordance with the interests of the battle in mind. They do not succumb to emotions, slogans, or act foolishly.

What the Israelis need to understand here is that by threatening (i.e. harming/violating) the holy city (of al-Quds), the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the holy sites, (the response that will occur to this) will not be limited to Gaza. (The Israelis) must now add this to their calculations. Of course we do not do this on behalf of the Palestinians, but rather in support of them, standing beside them…This matter should be a commitment upheld by the people of the region, all movements in the region, and the entire Axis of Resistance in the region, be they states or resistance movements.

Now of course, I am stating my own opinion, that this is what we should aspire to, so that we can establish a new formula, a new formula that states – the resistance in Gaza established a new formula that is “(threatening/violating the) al-Aqsa Mosque and al-Quds equals armed confrontation.” This isn’t something that should necessarily happen with every minor incident, the ones who make that decision are the leaders of the resistance in Gaza who take all matters into consideration when making their decisions. The formula we should establish in the future is: “al-Quds equals regional war.” That is it. (Attacking/violating) al-Quds means regional war.

All resistance movements cannot sit idly by when the holy city and holy sites are under real and serious danger. It is not permissible; the resistance movements, the Axis of Resistance, cannot stand (idly) by. Therefore, when the Israelis understand this formula, that it is a real and serious formula, and that preparations are being made for it day and night, and that the people of resistance in the region will not forsake this holy city, nor will they forsake these Islamic and Christian sanctities, (nor allow them) to be demolished and destroyed and concocted replacements built on top of them…the Israelis will then understand that any such step will be a threat to (the very existence of the Israeli political) entity, because the result of any regional war, if it takes place, and considering Israel’s (current) reality, and based on the (current) reality of the region and the movements and states of the Axis of Resistance, in my opinion, (the result) will be the downfall of the (Israeli) entity.

So today, we are faced with the great, bold, historic experience that the resistance of Gaza undertook, and we must develop this stance to that level. By taking such a decision; by adopting such a serious determination; (by establishing) this new (military) equation (i.e. violation of al-Quds equals regional war), we can certainly protect the holy city, and we can protect the Islamic and Christian sanctities in this holy city.

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