‘You laugh..but you will soon cry!’: Ansarullah official to Saudi Major General


Ansarullah official Mohammad al-Bukhaiti and Saudi Major General Abdullah Ghanem al-Qahtani trade barbs over the Yemen war.

Source: RT Arabic (YouTube)

Date: 31 March, 2021

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– Host:

Mr. Mohammad, efforts are now being made to de-escalate the situation, we also have UN initiatives, and there is determination to reach a resolution in Yemen, so why won’t the group (Ansarullah) de-escalate? It continues its shelling inside Yemen, also using drones to strike vital targets at such a sensitive time instead of reaching a resolution in Yemen.

– Mohammad al-Bakhiti, Member of Ansarullah’s Political Council:

The ones who refuse peace are the (countries of) the aggression and their domestic mercenaries. Who escalated? The aggression (states) when they prevented the entry of petroleum-based products into Yemen, and this is tantamount to sentencing the Yemeni people to death. Yes, there is an escalation by the states of the aggression, and this is an escalation by America, by the Biden administration, who refused that petroleum-based products be allowed into Yemen, but who…

– Abdullah Ghanem al-Qahtani, Saudi Major General:

This is the fourth episode in a row that you repeat the same thing, petroleum products petroleum products…

– Al-Bukhaiti:

Well, yes. Why would we target Aramco? Why target oil facilities inside Saudi Arabia? It’s in order to break the siege (on Yemen).

– Host:

But Mr. Mohammad, if you’ll allow me to interrupt you, UN diplomats are saying that a UN team has concluded that it was the Houthis that launched an attack that led to the deaths of 22 people in the airport of Aden upon the arrival of Yemeni officials on the 30th of December. So how can one understand peace initiatives, conditions for de-escalation, and dialogue between the warring parties at a time when these strikes continue, along with the death of Yemenis and non-Yemenis as well?

– Al-Bukhaiti:

As I said, the barring of the entry of petroleum-based products into Yemen is the greater escalation, and the damage caused by the embargo far outweighs the damage caused by the aggression itself. Please notice that Mr. Abdullah is laughing, but they feel a great deal of pain when we bombard the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, and these attacks will increase both in quality and quantity until we force Saudi Arabia to cease its aggression on Yemen, and that’s why you won’t be laughing for long, and the day will come when you will cry, and you’ve already begun to cry, holler, and wail before the international community.

– Al-Qahtani

(Laughing) Please go on…

– Al-Bukhaiti: Laugh, laugh, laugh at your misery
– Al-Qahtani: I feel sorry for you Mohammad, I swear I feel sorry for you. You poor thing…stick to recruiting people for the frontlines, stick to recruiting mercenaries at the frontlines, this is not the place for you.

– Host:

Let’s continue with our discussion please…

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