‘Rising China-Iran-Russia alliance ends US hopes to control Asia’: Expert


Al Mayadeen TV’s expert on US and UN affairs, Nizar Abboud, comments on the rising Chinese-Iranian-Russian alliance, its the implications for US global power, and the role of Iran in all of this.

Source:  Al Mayadeen (YouTube)

Date:  January 15, 2022

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This question is for you Mr. Abboud: Washington is really nervous about the Chinese-Iranian-Russian alliance. What are the aspects of this nervousness and what causes it in particular?

Nizar Abboud, Al-Mayadeen Analyst for UN and US affairs:

Washington has advised the states of the region to show understanding and to cooperate with each other, with the assumption that (the US’) main focus was going to be East Asia and the South China Sea region. However, it is an indirect struggle not only over the Middle East, but over Asia as a whole too. The Chinese-Iranian-Russian alliance destroys any hope for the United States to gain control over Asia.

This eastward expansion initiated by NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to Ukraine, Georgia and others, was brought to a standstill by an impenetrable dam, a long dam extending from Russia’s western borders to China, to the Pacific Ocean.

Thus, Iran plays a major strategic role. This is what Xi Jinping, President of China, expressed when he visited Iran in 2016. He said that ‘Iran is its top strategic partner in the region’, giving (Tehran) a status that overshadows Saudi Arabia, the country that invested hundreds of (billions of) dollars in China, and conducted huge trade deals (with Beijing). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even enjoys nuclear and missile cooperation with China. Nevertheless, (despite all of this), the relationship did not reach the level of a strategic partnership.

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