‘I was raised by a Jewish woman’, Saudi Arabia’s MBS tells US Journalist – English Subs


A recent report on Al-Manar Tv covers the recent statements of American journalist and Christian Zionist Mike Evans regarding Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Following his meeting with bin Salman, Evans is convinced that bin Salman is more supportive of Israel than “a lot of Jews”. Quoting bin Salman, Evans also says the Saudi Crown Prince told him that he ‘likes’ Jews and was in fact raised by one as a child.

Date: 19 June, 2019

Source: Al-Manar Tv


TV Reporter:

Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are at the forefront of those supporting the Zionist entity. To the extent that they are boasting about it all the time, and at various forums and meetings, such as in a meeting with Mike Evans, the founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Center.

During the Eighth Annual Conference of The Jerusalem Post in New York, Evans quoted both Saudi and Abu Dhabi crown princes as saying that they support the enemy entity (Israel) more than some Jews, and that Palestinians must copy Zionists.

Mike Evans:

“I’ve met with most of them. I’ve met with MBZ in the Emirates. I’ve met with MBS in Saudi Arabia, the crown prince, and I can tell  you something astonishing: these leaders are more pro-Israel than a lot of Jews…When I met the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, I said to him:

‘What do you think of Jews, and what do you think of Christians?’

(MBS replies): ‘I like them both’.

‘Tell me why?’ (MBS replies): ‘because my mother was one’.

‘I said what are you talking about?’

‘My father’s house director’, he said, ‘who raised me, was an Ethiopian Jew Evangelical’.

Wow! Now I can tell you this in two and a half hours, the stuff that I heard from the (Saudi) Crown Prince was so astonishing…absolutely would blow your mind if you know what this man is thinking. One statement he said: I said what can the Palestinians do, and he said ‘Oh it’s simple, they need to copy Israel! Copy Israel that’s all!’”.

TV Reporter:

These declarations come at a time when the United States is preparing to announce the so-called “Deal of the Century” at a conference to be hosted in Manama later this month. The conference is fully funded and supported by certain Gulf States, on top of which is Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. This summit represents the clearest public acknowledgement yet of these states’ relations with the occupation entity (Israel). This comes after media reports revealed American-backed efforts of (Gulf) state rulers, notably Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to strengthen and promote ties with the enemy (Israel).

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  1. This is a put up fallacy made by the Iranian poppets and Quatar.I can not believe Prince Salman would ever do such a shameful thing to do for his family. By the way He was the head of fund raising committee for Palestine.

  2. Iranian poppets? Iran is the most sovereign country in the world. you saudis are poppets who their oil kept the phony US dollars as valuable as gold.

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