Syrians resort to solar power to offset shortages caused by Daesh war: TV Report


A news report on the efforts of Syrians to use solar power in the city of al-Hasakah to offset electricity shortages caused by the war with Daesh.

Source: RT Arabic (YouTube)

Date: July 5,2021

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Taqi Al-Din As’ad has a new profession that’s become popular in Al-Hasakah. He gave up agriculture for the sale and installment of solar panels to generate electricity. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, his city has been suffering from electricity cuts as a result of the destruction of most of the towers and infrastructure during the ten years of war.

Taqi al-Din As’ad, (solar power technician):

Solar panels are, as they say, environmentally friendly, (a source of) clean energy. Their initial cost is a little high, but on the long term they have a life span of 25 years. That means free electricity for 25 years.


The workers are preparing to go to the house of one of the residents. They transport the (solar) panels and install them on the roof of the house. In less than an hour, the work is complete and electricity is generated.

Sa’eed Hasso, (solar power technician):

The guys have finished their work. Now we will raise the circuit breaker. There’s the electricity. We will try (to turn on the light) here. It works too. We’ll turn on the fan too. It also works. We, residents of Al-Hasakah, as you know, suffer from electricity shortages. You can say that the state electricity is completely non-existent. (The power is on for) no more than an hour a day or two hours in the evening.


Al-Hasakah has one power plant in the Panorama area. Most of the transmission towers there were destroyed during the war with ISIS, and only some parts were partially repaired.

In this city the water has been cut off for two years, and most of the electricity towers that supply Al-Hasakah were destroyed during the years of war with ISIS. (This reality) pushed the local population to (install) solar panels as an alternative solution to enable the minimum level of household services.

Muhammad Hassan, RT, Al-Hasakah

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