Syrian Pres. Adviser: Assad & Putin surprise meeting part of Axis response to Soleimani’s killing – English Subs


Syrian Presidential Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban believes Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s surprise meeting in Damascus (07-01-2020) forms part of the ‘Resistance Axis’ response to the assassination of Iranian General Qasim Soleimani.

Source: Al-Mayadeen TV

Date: 07/01/2020



There is no doubt that (this assassination) targets the Axis of Resistance (as a whole). We should not forget also that the Zionist enemy was really worried about the rise of this axis as a result of the war in Syria. More than two years ago, studies conducted by the National Security Council (of Israel) revealed that the birth of this axis from Iran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon was not expected at all. The studies also showed that Israel won’t be able to wage a war against any one of these states anymore.

Therefore, targeting these martyrs means the targeting of the whole axis. But, Miss Ramia, I would like to address the fans of the West who chose not to have their own free will independent of the West: the West is not necessarily acting intelligently, nor in a way that serves its interests. I think this decision was 100% Zionist, and was against the American people and the interests of the United States. We have begun seeing people’s (negative) reactions to this decision in the United States, the Muslim world and across the entire world.

The host:

Will you be involved in the response? Sayyed Nasrallah said that there will be individual responses from Iran, Iraq and the Axis of Resistance. Syria is a member of this axis. Will you be involved in the response?


For me, I consider the meeting between the two presidents in Damascus and the visits they carried out as a part of this response to be honest. Even if they hadn’t decided it to be as such, I (still) see it as part of the promised response. I also don’t think the response will be immediate or limited to an act here or there. I think it will be way beyond anything we’ve imagined. Because, as I’ve said, it has opened a new phase and opened the world’s eyes to the ethics, culture and work of the resistance, which millions of people around the world will become a part of. A new period, a period dear to our hearts, will perhaps begin. It is the period of fighting the hegemony of colonialism, settlement-building and terrorism. We probably won’t see the results today. I think the (results) are way beyond our imagination

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