Saudi Major General on ARAMCO attack: ‘Houthis/Iran will suffer, we’ve only used 5% of our power’ – Eng Subs


Following painful drone attacks on Aramco oil installations deep within Saudi territory earlier this month, Major General Mouhamad al-Qabeban told an RT Arabic programme that the Saudi-led coalition has only used 5% of its military power so far in Yemen, and that the Houthis & Iran will suffer the consequences of such an operation.

In response to the Major General, member of the Houthi Ansarullah political bureau Mohammad al-Bakhiti said that Saudi Arabia has already used all the military power that it could, and that Yemen has nothing left to lose while the Saudis have everything on the line if they continue the war.

Source: RT Arabic (YouTube)

Date: 14 September, 2019


Saudi Major General, Mouhamad al-Qabeban:

The (Saudi-led) coalition and the legitimate (government in Yemen), supported by the international community, always tried to find a solution (to this war). But who are we dealing with? We are dealing with a group who offers solutions like the ones your guest just mentioned, that reflect a simple and superficial way of thinking. Sorry I’m not making a personal remark on the (guest’s) thinking, but rather referring to the solutions he is coming up with. For example, “When you stop the aggression, we will come to the negotiation table”. How do you stop the aggression against a thief; how do you stop the aggression against a group that has a foreign agenda?

The host:

But all wars around the world ended with political solutions and de-escalation (steps), Major General. The greatest wars around the world come to an end. Is this war never going to be over? Regardless of how “rogue” – as you put it – the opposing party is; and albeit all of its actions.


No, the war will come to an end, but it might be a tragic end. Until now, I’m telling you, the Arab coalition states have not used more than 5% of their military capabilities. (They’ve so far) been using air power with precision-guided munitions only. However, if they use their military capabilities as it should be used, the war would end.

The host:

…five years worth of (humanitarian disaster) reports issued by the UN and you say no military strength was used?


No Mrs. Reme don’t twist my words around and put words in my mouth. I’m saying if the Coalition forces opted to end this crisis with a military approach other than the one they are currently adopting, then we would have ended the war (by now), but with tragic consequences. But we didn’t, out of respect for humanity and other issues.

Your esteemed guest was suggesting solutions and saying “stop the aggression”. Who should stop the aggression? You, yourself, imprisoned Yemen’s women, imprisoned and killed Yemen’s children, you yourself stole food and medical supplies, you yourself charge citizens who come to the food warehouses.

We are dealing with a thief, and a thief can only be dealt with by force. But I say one last thing, after this (Aramco attack) if it is proven that it was carried out by the Houthis, then believe me this will spell the end of the war because the Kingdom (of Saudi Arabia) and the Coalition states will not tolerate such ridicule by the Houthis, and the targeting of vital facilities that are crucial to the world’s safety. It’s clear that we are taking it slow until we are sure that (the Houthis) are behind the attack, and then they must suffer the consequences of their actions. Iran, the grand satan, will suffer the most. The Kingdom will not let the attack on Aramco slide. You’re talking about oil –

The host:

So Aramco, or the oil issue, is the first step towards the end of the war?


Yes, and I hope that the war strategy changes to allow for more harsher military action.

The host:

Are you prepared for the response by the Coalition Mr Mohammad, and the “harshness”? Are you prepared for the “harshness” by the Coalition as our guest from Riyadh describes it?

Member of Ansarullah’s Political Bureau, Mohammad al-Bakhiti:

Ofcourse, the brother’s media deception is obvious…



Ofcourse my respected sister, they have used all their harshest power ever since the beginning of the war. Hence Saudi Arabia is, to a large extent, unable to escalate or carry out (even harsher) acts. This is one. Second, they destroyed all of Yemen’s infrastructure (already), hence Yemen has nothing left to lose. On the other hand, our defense capabilities are developing, and Saudi Arabia still has a lot to lose.

And I’d like to direct a message to the Arab peoples: just as we are callers to peace, we are also men of war, and if Saudi Arabia moves towards peace then we are ready. The ones who began the aggression and insist on continuing the aggression, and who are betting on a military victory, are the aggression states and their mercenaries, and not us.

We are ready to achieve peace on the regional level and internally, and we also say that these huge capabilities which Saudi Arabia and the UAE enjoy, as well as those of other Arab and Islamic states that are participating in the aggression on Yemen, and this financial power, can be put to use in combating the enemy of the Arab and Islamic Ummah, that is Israel.

If the Hamas movement, the Islamic Jihad movement, and Hezbollah were able to establish a balance of power with the Zionist entity, despite the limited nature of their military and financial capabilities, then what would be the case if we were to unite together (as a Ummah)?

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