Saudi analyst on Israeli TV: ‘Saudi Arabia & Israel should launch joint war on Iran’ – English Subs


Saudi political analyst and writer Abd al-Hamid al-Ghobn said recently on the Israeli TV channel i24 News Arabic that Saudi Arabia and Israel should form a military alliance to launch a crippling strike on Iran.

Al-Ghobn added that the current situation cannot be left ‘unresolved’, as Iran continues to develop, and the 30-year long economic embargo has failed to ignite any ‘revolution’ within Iran.

Source: i24 News Arabic (YouTube)

Date: July 4, 2019



Next, regarding the Houthis, I assure you this is simply a terrorist group supported by Iran. So we’re basically fighting a war against Iran, albeit indirectly. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is present in Yemen, we’re aware of that, and a group of its members have been captured.

Furthermore, the Houthis are unfortunately attacking civilian facilities. They’re using more than just small unmanned aerial vehicles loaded with explosives to strike civilian facilities. end 1:23



Therefore, we’re trying to combat (this threat). But I believe that we should directly deal with the main founder of these terrorist groups: Iran. We have to launch a military operation against Iran. I personally believe that we (Saudi Arabia) and Israel are both facing this threat. We can form a military alliance. Israel is a strong state and has enormous military capabilities, and so does the (Saudi) Kingdom. We can launch a crippling military strike against Iran that forces it to negotiate on all issues.

That’s my personal opinion, because if this issue is left unresolved in this manner, the current tense situation will become even more dangerous in the future, since Iran is in fact developing, and the economic embargo has not been effective. The embargo has been ongoing for 30 years without any success, as no revolution or the like was carried out internally (by the Iranian people).



  1. We knew that the Zionist and Saudi regimes are working together against the Arabic and Persian Islamic Resistance. But this alliance was secret. And now it is clear for the dummies even. After all this, if anyone sides with the Saudis against Iran, can not be considered an ignorat but a traitor.

    Thanks Middle East Observer for translations. Keep up the good work.

  2. What does Mr Al-Ghobn think he and his fellow Saudi Arabian country-men and their mercenaries are doing for at least the last three years?

    Nothing else than genocide on Yemeni unarmed women, children and elderly, bombing the county Yemen into the stone age while a maniac ex-president who oppressed his people and had to flee to neighbouring S A.
    The Yemen defenders of their country will be very hard for S A to stop. They are very angry with S A.

    Al-Ghobnhis country should stop making undeclared war against the civilian people and the destruction of Yemen.
    Nobody in Yemen did any harm to S A before S A started this undeclared war.

    Mr Al-Ghobn for your information, after an action there always be a reaction.


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