Saudi academic: Latest Israel-Hezbollah military exchanges a ‘scripted, staged scenario’ – English Subs


Saudi academic Abd al-Rahman al-Anad recently told Saudi television that the latest military exchanges between Israel & Hezbollah were clearly a scripted, staged scenario agreed upon by both sides, and was designed to ‘save Hezbollah’s face’.

Hezbollah launched a cross-border raid earlier this month which targeted an Israeli army vehicle with anti-tank missiles, following an Israeli air raid a week earlier that killed two Hezbollah members in Syria.

The cross-border raid by Hezbollah, which was carried out deep within Israeli-controlled territory, also came after an Israeli drone attack on southern Beirut which saw the deployed aircraft crashing into the Lebanese movement’s media offices.

Source: Saudi 24 TV

Date: 1 September, 2019


The (Hezbollah) response is obviously an act staged to rehabilitate Hezbollah’s image after the two incidents that took place. The first (incident) being the strike that led to the death of two members of Hezbollah near Damascus. The second being the (Israeli) drone attack on Hezbollah’s media center in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

It is a prewritten scenario. It was decided that Hezbollah would respond to the attack with a limited strike, a limited operation.

What is happening is almost a joint military exercise between the Israeli army and Hezbollah. There’s clearly an agreement between the two, because how would you explain one party waging a war with only a limited strike, then the other side announces that the war is over right after the strike? Who would start a war then decide to finish it immediately as if they’re thinking “if you let go, I let go”? This is obviously staged.


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