Raisi’s priority to develop ties with regional Arab & Islamic states: TV report


A recent television report on the priority of newly sworn-in Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to develop relations with Arab and regional states.

Source: Al Mayadeen Channel (YouTube)

Date: August 1, 2021

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Relations with the Arab world will witness a great shift in the administration of President-elect Ebrahim Raisi; this is what his supporters and those close to him are saying. Raisi had previously announced that relations with regional states will be at the forefront of his foreign policy.

Ibrahim Raisi, Iran’s President:

Our priority in economic diplomacy lies with regional Islamic states, and we believe that we can increase security by working on this matter, rather than providing for our security by way of maximizing our military capabilities only, we want the basis of regional security to be built upon common economic interests.


[These] interests can help push Iran’s foreign policy towards rapprochement with regional states. Some say that this view encompasses Gulf states well, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Mojtaba al-Haidari, Political analyst:

Mr. Raisi does not want to miss the opportunity to reestablish ties with Saudi Arabia, especially since he knows that Saudi Arabia must give concessions after its failure in Yemen, and after losing a precious ally, (Donald) Trump. He sees that the moment is ripe for new talks, and wants to work on the matter in a way that would benefit the (Iranian) economy and economic diplomacy.


After years of escalation between Tehran and Riyadh, informed sources reveal that Iranian-Saudi talks may result in a restoration of ties between the two countries soon.

Zarif’s announcement weeks ago that his country was prepared to send an ambassador to Riyadh after Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman said the Kingdom “seeks good relations with Iran” are messages seen by pundits as the beginning of a period of great decline in regional tensions.

Ahmad al-Bahrani, Tehran, for Al-Mayadeen.

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