PMF leader: Israeli hands behind most attacks on Baghdad’s Green Zone


A prominent Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces or PMF) leader, Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, claims that Israel was behind a recent missile attack that targeted the Green Zone and US embassy in Baghdad, in an operation designed to implicate the PMF and turn public opinion against it.

Al-Khazali, who is the leader of the Asaib Ahl Al-Haq Movement, a key faction of the PMF, said that the Israelis are in fact behind the bulk of the attacks that target the highly-fortified Green Zone in Baghdad.

Source:  Al Etejah TV (You Tube)

Date:  March 4, 2021


Qais al-Khazali, leader of Asaib Ahl Al-Haq Movement:

What is going to happen now? I said in my last tweet that we have (precise) information that we would disclose in due course. Thus in this interview I can say that the attack (on the US embassy in Baghdad) was carried out by local (Iraqi) hands. They are not from another planet nor from outside Iraq. (However) the administration and directing (of the operation) from afar was Israeli, I swear by God Almighty.

Host: How can we assume that this claim is true? It needs (clear) evidence to be proved.


Let me continue…the (major) problem lies in the (slight) difference between the (existing) evidence and the information (we have received).

Host: Well, let us elaborate on the information.


I will give you one piece of information and evidence. As we mentioned earlier, the implementers are local hands (i.e. Iraqis) who carried out (the attack) following directions and decisions (given and taken) by the Israelis. Furthermore, the middlemen (of the operation) are personalities within the Iraqi security apparatus.

However, those perpetrators who (launched the operation on the US embassy) have no clue that this official, officer, lieutenant, captain, lieutenant colonel – or whoever he was, I will not specify – was getting orders from abroad (i.e. Israel).

: Are they figures from the Defense or Interior (Ministry)?


I will not give names and point fingers here or there. Instead, I say that there is no country that does not have traitors. Who was directing this (Iraqi officials)? From there (i.e. Israel). Otherwise, what do we the resistance factions have to do with the Katyusha (missile)? Do they think that we own nothing but Katyushas?

Host: Do you have more advanced weaponry?


How would we (the Iraqi resistance) use the Katyusha? (A missile) that is known for its deviation several meters off its (intended) target.  (And) using only three missiles, two of which struck facilities inside the Green Zone and the US embassy, and the third one struck residential areas and burnt cars and…

Host: Well, if you take the decision to carry out an attack what weapons would you use?


…in addition to the negative repercussions and impacts (of such attacks), and the people will start to hold us responsible. We are not responsible for this – we are intelligent. Instead, the one who carries out such attacks is responsible for targeting civilian areas and fueling worry throughout Bagdad, so that fingers are pointed at the resistance in order to stain the image (of the resistance) as being harmful to Iraq’s interests.  Did you get the picture?

Host: If you intend to target the US embassy how would you carry out such an attack?

Khazali: Who are the masterminds then (of such operations)? It is not the Americans launching attacks on their own selves.

Host: Who are they then?


It is in the great interests of the Israelis that the Americans are not stable (in Iraq), nor that (the Americans) remain (politically) neutral.  does not remain stable unstable; it is definitely in their interests that the situation in Iraq continues to remain unstable. America, in light of the new administration ran by Biden, is set to step into an Iraqi-American clash.

Host: Meaning a perpetual state of conflict?


Sometimes (Israel) sows (insecurity) with (American agreement and coordination), such as the assassination of the (Iranian) nuclear scientist, and at other times (they sow insecurity) without (American) agreement (and knowledge). Throughout the entire world, it is Israel that is most interested in creating conflict between America and Iran, and America and Iraq, by implicating the Iraqis in targeting (US forces) etc.

I do not want to say that all (the strikes), but a major portion of the attacks that targeted the Green Zone are of this type.

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