Lebanese Sheikh: ‘Prophet of Islam had mercy on wartime enemies, Wahhabis kill fellow Muslims’


Prominent Lebanese Sheikh Asad al-Qaseer said in a recent talk-show that the Prophet of Islam even had mercy on his wartime enemies , citing one incident in which the Prophet Muhammad sent his Meccan adversaries of the Quraysh tribe food aid supplies, despite being at war with them.

In contrast, Sheikh Asad explains that ‘Wahhabis show no mercy even towards fellow Muslims, such as the Muslim people of Yemen’, referring to a years-long military campaign in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia.

The terms ‘Wahhabis’ or ‘Salafis’ are commonly used today to refer to the adherents of Wahhabism, the dominant interpretation of Islam in modern-day Saudi Arabia.

Source: Islamasil.net (YouTube)

Date: 29 August, 2019


– Sheikh Asad:

When the (tribe of) Quraysh suffered from hunger, due to a drought. It was preparing to wage war on the Prophet (Muhammad), peace & blessings be upon him & his progeny, yet it got afflicted with this drought, and so children and women suffered from hunger. News reached the Prophet, peace & blessings be upon him & his family. So (the Prophet) gathered from the (city) of Medina food supplies and aid.

– Host: I would like the Salafis to listen to this – so (the Prophet) sent (these supplies) to the polytheist enemies (of Mecca), who had (declared war on him)?

– Sheikh Asad: Yes…The Salafis have hearts of stone…stone! This due to the culture of Ibn Tamiyyah and Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab. Look how they are killing the Yemeni people, the children of Yemen.

– Host: (Yemenis) who are Muslim.

– Sheikh Asad: Ofcourse, they are Muslims. What is the crime of the children and women (of Yemen)? Wahhabis head to France and (other) states and kill innocent people in the streets. (Innocent) women, children, and men. What crime have they committed?

The love of Almighty God has not entered the hearts of these (Salafis/Wahhabis) at all. Their hearts are like stones, rather even harder than that.

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