IRGC Chief on Ain al-Assad missile attack/accidental downing of Ukrainian aircraft


Head of Iran’s IRGC Major General Hossein Salami comments on the recent Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq, in addition to the subsequent accidental downing of a Ukrainian civilian aircraft by Iranian forces over Tehran.

Source: Al-Alam News

Date: 12-01-2020


– America assassinated General Qasim Soleimani, and it threatened to respond to our retaliation, the incident (accidental downing of
Ukrainian plane) occurred under (immense) pressure

– America was aiming to tie up the hands of the Iranian nation

– we had to respond quickly and powerfully to the American crime of General Soleimani’s assassination

– when we struck the US military base (Ain al-Assad) we weren’t only aiming for taking revenge

– till now we are still prepared – with all our capabilities – for war with America

– our aim was not to kill US soldiers in our attack on Ain al-Assad

– all the objectives of our missile attack were achieved, US was unable to stop our missiles

– US president denied existence of any losses, this is natural for someone who wishes to withdraw and back down from his previous stances

– our strikes on Ain al-Assad base revealed our military and tactical superiority

– the delay in announcing the reason for the crash of (Ukrainian) aircraft was due to need for investigating and studying incident from all angles

– we were and continue to strive to protect our citizens, I was wishing that I was on board the stricken aircraft

– throughout my whole life I have never felt as much embarrassment as I felt due to this error

– I give my pledge to the Iranian people that such an error will never occur again, and that we will work night & day to protect them

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