British-Arab think tank chief on ‘greatness’ of Saudi Arabia – English Subs


In a recent appearance on Saudi state television, British-Arab think tank chief Amjad Taha was asked by the anchor as to why he loves to refer to the kingdom based in Riyadh as the ‘Great Saudi Arabia’. The British analyst explained that the Saudi Kingdom was ‘great’ partially because it acts as the “last remaining fortress in the face of the Iranian enemy”.

Taha regularly appears on leading international satellite stations, and is currently the “regional chief of the British Middle East Center for Studies and Research”.

Source: Al Ekhbariya (Saudi State TV)

Date: 25 June, 2019





The last question for you Mr. Amjad, briefly please: why do you always like to describe the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the Great Saudi Arabia?

Amjad Taha:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is great due to its people, its leadership, its position (in the) Islamic (world), and (in the) Arab (world), due to its economy, its intellectual wealth and its culture. It is great due to everything that it has, it is great (due to being the home) of the Holy Kaaba.

It is great due its great leadership which today is ‘the leadership’ in the region, it is the last resistant and perseverant fortress against the Iranian enemy, it is the one who is leading the battle to victory, on the day in which Arabs will be granted their rights. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is (indeed) great due to its people and leadership…


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