Arab analysts predict ‘action-packed’ & ‘dangerous’ end to Trump presidency


Prominent Arab political analysts Abed al-Bari ‘Atwan and Salem Zahran took to Twitter to predict the nature of embattled US President Donald Trump’s remaining weeks in power, particularly in relation to the Middle East region.

Source: Twitter accounts

Date: 9-10 November, 2020

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Abed al-Bari ‘Atwan:

I do not see it as a farfetched (idea) that Trump suddenly fired his Defense Minister (Mark Esper) because he refused orders to light the fuse of war against Iran or China in the remaining six weeks of his (presidential) term in order to completely change all equations. (Trump) still has the presidential authority, and he may behave like an injured tiger. Did he not impose sanctions on Syria after his defeat? This man is dangerous and he wants revenge. And God knows best.

Salem Zahran:

The decisive weeks before Trump’s departure from the White House may involve a lot of ‘action’ in relation to the world, and especially in relation to the Middle East…Trump will drink from the cup of power and authority until the last drop..


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