Egypt’s President says states supporting terror in Syria must stop – English Subtitles

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi outlines his country’s five-point policy on Syria, and says that the states supporting terrorism in Syria must stop.

Source: RT Arabic (YouTube)

Date: 2 March, 2017


So we in Egypt, our stance is clear, and we have five points which we affirm, and they won’t differ too much regarding Libya as well: we talk about the unity of Syrian territory; we talk about a political resolution to resolve this crisis; we talk about that we can no longer leave the Syrian people after this – after reaching a resolution – as captives of the terrorist armed groups; and the reconstruction of Syria.

This state has been destroyed in the last six years. If we do not carry out a huge effort to rebuild it once again, I believe we would not have resolved the issue. One way or another, this issue is (also) present in Libya – one way or another.

The states that support terrorism in the region, must stop doing this, and our stance – all of us – must be clear and decisive, and that we have one face before the world when we talk about these issues.

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