“We’ll obtain weapons from Israel, & the devils too!”: Lebanese Forces activist


A prominent activist from the Lebanese Forces (LF) party, a pro-US and pro-Saudi movement headed by Samir Geagea, says that if threatened, the LF are prepared to “not only obtain weapons from Israel, but the devils too!”

The activist, Roy Rached, made these comments in an online interview only days after at least seven people were killed and 60 others injured when unknown gunmen attacked Hezbollah and Amal supporters as they passed through Beirut’s sensitive Tayyouneh district as part of an organised peaceful protest.

In a joint statement on the Tayyouneh events, Hezbollah and Amal said armed groups belonging to Samir Geagea’s Christian Lebanese Forces party fired at the protesters from rooftops, aiming at their heads, in an attempt to drag Lebanon into a sectarian civil war.

The Tayyouneh district is an area of historic political and sectarian sensitivity, a site linked to the initial outbreak and development of Lebanon’s Civil War (1975-1990).

After the events in Tayyouneh, Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a televised speech in which he addressed the LF party and its leader Samir Geagea and warned them against trying to drag Hezbollah and Lebanon into a civil war.

Source: Spot Shot Video (YouTube)

Date: October 20, 2021

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(Caption reads):

Is it true that the Lebanese Forces is serving the (Israeli) Zionist project?

Roy Rached, Lebanese Forces party activist:

I would like to say to whosoever is speaking this rhetoric: if we will be experiencing the (same) situation as that which occurred during the (Lebanese civil) war; meaning that if (certain) people wish to rise up and displace, kill and destroy us, then we will not only be getting our weapons from Israel to defend ourselves, we will obtain them from the devils. You (Hezbollah) brought us to hell, and in return, we are the devils of this Earth, and we are willing to get our weapons – once again – from the devils to defend ourselves.

When we (the LF) obtained weapons from Israel to defend ourselves we did not give them Lebanon (in exchange); Bachir Gemayel was martyred for the sake of the 10,452 kilometers (i.e. Lebanon’s geographical area), because he refused to give a part of the South (of Lebanon) to the Israelis. In addition, Samir Geagea was imprisoned for 11 years after giving up (his party’s) weapons due to his faith in Lebanon.

You (Hezbollah) are Iranians, you have a statue of Qassem Soleimani, however, you do not have (a statue) of a single Lebanese figure.

Today, (Hezbollah) an agent (of Iran) comes and accuses us of collaboration (with Israel), what crudeness is this?! (Hezbollah) talk about the ‘Zionist enemy’ and the (Israeli) collaborator, while (Hezbollah) is the biggest collaborator, the biggest lackey, and the one who has most sold (its) country, people and supporters for the sake of Iran, which today does not provide you with anything.

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