Nasrallah: Russia and ‘Resistance axis’ agree on Syria, but not Israel & Yemen

In an interview with Iran’s State TV in recent days, Hezbollah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that although there was a convergence of interests, visions, and stances between Russia and the ‘Resistance axis’ on Syria, this was not necessarily the case regarding other issues such as Israel or Yemen.

The ‘Resistance axis’ can be broadly defined as composing Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and increasingly Iraq and Yemen, in addition to Palestinian groups such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas (to fluctuating degrees).

Source: IRIB (YouTube)

Date: 20 February, 2017


In actual fact, some of us in the region at a certain phase, classified Russia as having become part of the ‘Resistance axis’. First of all, Russia does not classify itself as such. Meaning that there is Russia (on the one hand), and there is the Resistance axis (on the other). There is a convergence between Russia and the Resistance axis regarding a number of fields and files, one of which is Syria. However, in other places, there is a difference of opinion. For example, in Yemen. The position of Russia is not in line or with – or in agreement with – the position of the resistance axis in relation to the American-Saudi aggression on Yemen.

Russia naturally as a big state – or one of the great states (powers) of the world – it has wide-ranging relations and contacts, one of which is with Israel. Okay – we do not fight Israel alongside Russia. When we fight Israel, we fight it ourselves (only). However, in Syria, there is a convergence, there is an intersection of interests, and there is an intersection of visions and stances, meaning a convergence in actual fact, regarding events in Syria. And therefore we are in agreement (regarding) Syria, (but) it is not necessary that we be in agreement in other fields. It is possible that we differ in stances.

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