Khamenei: Iran’s support for any Palestinian group depends on its ‘Resistance’ to Israel

Iran’s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently clarified that the main condition of his country’s support for any Palestinian group “is only dependent on the level of their commitment to the principle of the Resistance” against Israel.

This comes as the nature of the relationship between Iran and certain Palestinian groups – most notably Hamas – has been questioned in recent years due to differences over the Syrian crisis.

Ayatollah Khamenei was addressing the ‘Sixth International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada’ that began in Tehran on Tuesday.

Source: Various satellite channels

Date: 21 February, 2017


The dangers originating from the presence of the Zionist regime should never be ignored. Therefore, the Resistance should benefit from all the necessary tools for continuing its duty. On this path, all regional nations and governments and all freedom seekers in the world should meet the main needs of this resistant nation. The main pivot of the Resistance is the steadfastness and endurance of the Palestinian people who have raised courageous and resistant children. Meeting the needs of the Palestinian people and Palestinian resistance is an important and vital responsibility which should be carried out by all of us.

In doing so, we should not ignore the basic needs of the Resistance in the West Bank because the West Bank shoulders the main burden of the suppressed intifada. By learning from its past, the Palestinian Resistance should pay attention to this important point: the Resistance and Palestine are too lofty and valuable to get involved in the differences between Islamic and Arab countries or the domestic, ethnic and denominational differences that exist in different countries. The Palestinians, particularly Resistance groups, should appreciate the value of their precious positions and they should avoid entering into these differences. Islamic and Arab countries and all Islamic and national orientations should be at the service of the Palestinian ideal.

Supporting the Resistance is the responsibility of all of us. No one has the right to have special expectations of them in return for assistance. The only condition for assistance is that such assistance is expended on strengthening the people of Palestine and the structure of the Resistance. Commitment to the idea of steadfastness in the face of the enemy and to the Resistance in all its dimensions guarantees the continuation of this assistance.

Our position on the Resistance is a fundamental position, one which has nothing to do with any particular group. We are with every group that is steadfast on this path and every group that abandons this path has drifted away from us. The depth of our relationship with groups involved in the Islamic Resistance is only dependent on the level of their commitment to the principle of the Resistance.


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