Sunni Lebanese Sheikh: ‘In just 10 years our Axis has shifted global balance of power’


In a recent interview published on the Islam asil YouTube channel, Sunni Lebanese Sheikh Ghazi Yusuf Hunayna stated that ‘within only 10 years, the Resistance Axis managed to shift the global balance of power’.

The ‘Resistance Axis’ referenced here by Sheikh Hunayna broadly refers to a strategic anti-Israel/anti-US imperialist alliance composed of, but not limited to, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq’s Hashed al-Shaabi, Yemen’s Ansarullah, and various Palestinian armed factions.

Source: Islam asil (You Tube)

Date: November 8, 2021

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Sheikh Ghazi Yusuf Hunayna, Sunni Lebanese Scholar:

There is no doubt that the Islamic Unity Project – or so to put it more precisely and broadly, that the Resistance Axis Project – is facing a very big opponent, which is the United States, along with several Western states, the Zionist lobby, and a great deal of Arab hypocritical states that are unfortunately secretly colluding behind the scenes with the Zionist enemy and with the American enemy. This Islamic Unity Project and this Resistance Axis Project is facing all of these enemies with, of course, a clear disproportion in (each side’s) capabilities.

The Americans and their allies have a huge media apparatus as well as strong financial capabilities. It is correct that we are still treading the first steps of (establishing) the authentic Muhammadan Islamic media, which calls for the unity of the (Muslim) nation, (which promotes) the culture of Islamic unity among the members of the Ummah and the renunciation of disagreement and of fragmentation.

In addition, we hold on to the Resistance Axis Project along with the idea of the Islamic Unity Project for the sake of liberating Palestine, thereby leading other sides to unite against us and (seek to) influence our internal coherence. However, this does not mean that we are not concerned about cultural, social, and political issues in terms of the Islamic Unity Project, (in contrast), the project shoulders additional dimensions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is concerned with addressing such topics, but we must keep in mind the Resistance Axis (in comparison with the) other side’s capabilities. However, despite the imbalance in capabilities, we were able, and within 10 years (only), to alter the international equations (in our favour). 

The Security Council was led by a singular pole, which is the United States, however, today a tripartite international balance has been generated consisting of America-Russia-China. With Russia and China stands the allies: Syria, Iran, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Venezuela, and many other free states of the world.

Therefore, within the (context) of the Islamic Unity Project we must expand the scope of our work and build and open (new) bridges (that connect us) with others, even though we know that those others whom we hope will reach the same awareness that we have reached are experiencing a lot of pressure that might even threaten their livelihoods and occupations.

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