Nasrallah: ‘In Iran war, all US forces/interests to be eradicated, Israel/Saudi to pay price’ – English Subs


Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says that the US government knows very well that a war with Iran will entail the eradication of all its forces and interests in the Middle East, and that Israel, the House of Saud and all those who “colluded and schemed” with the US will “pay the price”.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark ‘International Quds Day’, Nasrallah was giving his take on the comments of Iran’s Supreme Leader several days earlier, in which Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that there will be “neither war nor negotiations” with the United States.

Source: Al-Mayadeen Tv (YouTube)

Date: 31 May, 2019



Firstly, the power of Iran. Meaning that (Khamenei says) there will be no war not because of anyone’s good manners. If Iran were weak the war would have occurred a long time ago. The level of Arab, Gulf, American, Israeli and Zionist hatred, grudges, scheming and collusion against Iran would have led to a war a long time ago were Iran weak. Yet because Iran is strong and capable, with its people, its armed forces, its establishment, its leader, its (grand) religious authorities and scholars, with its elites and public, and because first and foremost it relies on Allah, believes in Him and trusts in His promise, Iran is strong, and therefore frightening. It is frightening. This is first.

Trump is not coming to wage war against people who can’t hold off for one week, or two weeks, and if a (US) plane goes up, it will not (be shot) down! Here we are talking about a real power. This is the first reason (why there will be no war).

The second reason, and the world ought to hear me carefully: it is that Mr Trump, his administration, and his intelligence apparatus know very well that war against Iran will not remain within the borders of Iran! (They know) that war against Iran means the entire region will go up in flames!


We are at you service O’ Nasrallah!


The entire region will go up in flames! And all the American forces and American interests in the region will be eradicated! And all those who colluded and schemed (with the US) will pay the price, first of whom will be Israel and the House of Saud!


  1. The mad US administrations since the assassination of JFK blinded by their military fist and their bankers in Wall Street and City of London can not see the reality of our world. I hold them accountable of great misery and suffering since the mayhem of Irak, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan etc… their criminal allies of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Russia, China and Iran will make alliance against the US monster that the whole world is afraid of. Thanks to the clear speech of Nasrallah we are now better informed. Hezbollah was victorious in Lebanon in 2006 and this will go on until these devil forces in Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyad will be overthrown by its own people.

  2. Well said, Mr. Nasrallah. It is “israel” that is primarily behind all this scheming, as it has also been in the case of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. “israel”, of course, has inflicted huge damage on Lebanon, although Hezbollah defeated the army of swamp rats in 2006.

    I therefore sincerely hope that if the US attacks Iran, Hezbollah will shower “israel” with missiles and reduce that stinking Jew racist/supremacist garbage dump to rubble. “israel” cannot use nuclear arms against Lebanon (nuclear fall-out would affect “israel” too), so its army would have to take on Hezbollah, and that will be a total disaster for the country.

    So, please hit that cancerous boil hard in case of war with Iran.

  3. You have the spirit of Justice on your side,IRAN

    This I say even as a non-Muslim, but as a person from a country (Ireland)which suffered to the cost of 5 million of my IRISH Brothers and Sisters at the hands of the Zionist British Imperialists.

    Long live IRAN

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