Naqqash: I predict US civil war after 2020 Presidential Election


In a recent interview with Syrian television, senior Lebanese political analyst Anees Naqqash says that he predicts that an American ‘civil war’ will ensue from the 2020 US presidential election on November 3, regardless of whether Donald Trump wins or loses the election.

Source: Syrian Al-Akhbariya, via the ‘Kalam Siyasi’ YouTube channel

Date: October 11, 2020

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Today, if we want to talk about America, we cannot confine our discussion (to America’s situation) in eastern Syria and Iraq, rather, we need to talk about America (as a power) within America (itself). What is the situation of America in America?

I’m one of those who are predicting – following the US elections – the outbreak of widespread chaos in America, to such an extent that it may lead to (the United States) becoming a failed state. Meaning that things will get out of control to such an extent that (Americans) will not be able to identify who is actually (president); they won’t be able to have central decision-making; there will be rebel states; and there is a high possibility that a civil war will ensue.

However, (what is more confidently anticipated is that) violence will become prevalent, and some of the states will rebel against federalism and the federal government in Washington. As for Washington represented by the figure of Trump, it will not accept the election results, in case Trump fails in the elections.


What do you predict (will happen)?


I personally predict a civil war. (I base this prediction upon the available) statistics, studies, and my (long-running) observation of the dynamics (of the United States).


Will a civil war break out due to the re-election of Donald Trump or due to his failure to be re-elected to the White House?


In both cases. The severe ideological, ethnic, intellectual, social and economic polarisation between the very wealthy classes (and the poor) – it is embarrassing to use this term ‘class’ even, because when you have only 10% of Americans possessing 88% of (America’s) wealth, this is no longer a class, this is (more accurately understood) as an “elite” (group) that is holding onto all of (America’s) wealth, this while the poverty of other (Americans) worsens day by day.

There is a critical situation in the United States, till now gone unnoticed to many in the world, because they continue to see (America) as this invincible power that cannot fall. Yet, the Soviet Union was like (the US today) and we all saw how it collapsed. All empires collapse suddenly because they have been (critically) damaged from the inside.

I predict we’ll see violence (in the US). So far, Trump hints that (he will deem) the election “rigged” if he loses. Meanwhile, (opponents) say that if Trump wins again the coming years will witness the destruction of America. There are Democratic states that cannot bear to be ruled by Trump for another four years. They cannot bear it.

During the Corona (pandemic), these (states) began to disobey and rebel against Trump. How could they bear a second term of Trump, especially if this causes their destruction? They cannot bear (another 4 years of Trump), neither culturally, nor economically, nor politically.  

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