Hezbollah raises war readiness to 100%: Report


A recent news report by the Lebanese news outlet Elnashra claims that Hezbollah has gone to full-level war alertness amid rising regional tensions between Israel and the Iran-led Axis of Resistance.

Source: Elnashra (Website)

Date: 8 May, 2021


Elnashra sources: Hezbollah summoned a portion of its members to the South and raised its readiness to 100%, something that has not happened since July War 2006

Saturday 8 May, 2021

– Elnashra sources: Hezbollah warned against the Israeli (military) exercise, as the Israeli army is currently repeating the same steps that preceded the July 2006 war

– Elnashra sources: The Israeli (military) exercise hands the decision of war and peace to Kochavi, and this is what raises concerns for Hezbollah

Confidential sources revealed to Elnashra that “the Israeli (military) exercise that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah talked about in his lastest speech is extremely dangerous”, explaining that “this exercise simulates a major war imposed on Israel on the southern and northern borders of Palestine, as well as the Sinai front and the (Israeli) interior. (This exercise also simulates a scenario) in which Israel is exposed to a huge amount of missiles being fired by the resistance forces of Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine and the Gaza Strip, and especially (simulates a scenario in which) protest movements (also) potentially erupt in the West Bank and the interior”.

The sources pointed out that “conducting the exercise in this way aims to ‘interlock arms’”, which means that the (Israeli) field commander who is present on the ground and is in charge of defending the Galilee (region) for example, ought to be able to deal with (various) land-based weapons i.e. armor, artillery, air and naval command and intelligence, and has to be able to regulate the course of the (various elements of the) operation”.

Explaining that “about two and a half months ago, Israel conducted a small exercise that lasted for seven days, yet this one is the first (of its kind) ever since the establishment of the (Israeli) entity, and it must be noted that this exercise is dangerous in that it gives the power (to declare) peace and war to the Israeli Chief of Staff, General Aviv Kochavi. Furthermore, the enemy has started and continues the mobilization of its elite brigades – six brigades (in total) – about a week ago”, stressing that “Hezbollah warned against this exercise because in past wars, Israel worked on transporting soldiers and military personnel from the training fields directly to the battlefield, and this is what is happening now at the southern front of Lebanon and the northern part of Palestine”.

The sources also pointed out that “Hezbollah has raised combat readiness in the South (of Lebanon), and in the various areas, formations and military classifications of Quneitra. (Hezbollah) has also kept on constant duty a portion of its members, called up a number of its forces, and raised its combat readiness from tonight to 100%, something that has not happened since the July 2006 war”.

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