Ansarullah retakes key Yemeni region after 60 years of defacto Saudi control: Report


A short presentation by Al Maydeen TV on the strategic importance of the Yemeni al-Yatamah region which Ansarullah-backed forces reportedly took over from Saudi-led forces in recent days.

Al Mayadeen (YouTube)

Date: December 29, 2021

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News Presenter:

For the first time in 60 years, the strategic region of al-Yatamah returns to the Yemenis. A military operation carried out by the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees led to the regaining of more than 1,200 kilometers from the said area.

It is true that al-Yatamah lies within Yemeni territory, however, beginning several decades Saudi (Arabia) transformed this region and its surrounding areas into (defacto Saudi territory) such that successive Yemeni governments had no real authority over this area.

During this period, Saudi Arabia had forbidden oil exploration work (in al-Yatamah), an area rich with oil and liquified gas. (Riyadh) also imposed the use of the Saudi currency instead of the Yemeni currency for trade in this region, and (the Saudis) turned the (Yemeni) al-Jawf (Governorate) into a joint market with the (Saudi) Najran region.

Following the taking of control of al-Yatamah – which lies in the al-Jawf region –  by the (Yemeni) Army and the Popular Committees, military sources confirm that this area enjoys great strategic importance, due to its various hilltops which provide (those who control them) firepower superiority over vast areas.

Furthermore, (Al-Yatamah is a great strategic region due) to its nearness to the AlBuqa area which lies between al-Jawf and Sa’dah, and is also close to Manfadh al-Khadrah which connects Yemen to Saudi Arabia. This means that the (Yemeni) Army and the Popular Committees are now positioned directly opposite each other (in this region).

According to these same (military) sources, the fall of al-Yatamah secures the entire north of the Ma’rib Governorate, and consequently opens the way for (Sana’a-led forces) to march on to Manfadh al-Wadee’ah, and to cut the international road that links Ma’rib to Hadramot.

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