(14-05-2021: 12am-2am) Breaking News Translations: Palestinian-Israeli War


A translation of some of the latest headlines from Arab media regarding the ongoing conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis, specifically from outlets that are not only providing alternative framings to that of Western mainstream media, but on-the-ground coverage as well.

The following transcript covers breaking news items between 12am and 2am on 14 May, 2021.

Source: Al-Mayadeen TV / Al-Manar TV / Alalam TV (Websites)

Date: 14 May, 2021


12 am

Al-Manar TV: 00:11: Currently heavy Zionist artillery shelling towards Gaza Strip

Al-Mayadeen TV: 00:12: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: Occupation warplanes launch raids on areas near population centres

Al-Manar TV: 00:15: Al-Manar correspondent: More than 40 raids targeted Gaza Strip, and the strikes were focused on the northern Gaza Strip

Al-Manar TV: 00:19: Al-Manar Correspondent: More than 100 successive and violent Israeli airstrikes on the northern Gaza Strip

Al-Manar TV: 00:33: The Israeli occupation warplanes target agricultural lands near Palestinian homes in the Beit Lahiya area

Al-Alam TV: 00:33: Sources deny that the Lebanese resistance is behind launching missiles from Lebanon

Al-Manar TV: 00:35: France-Press Agency: The Israeli army announces the incursion of its forces into the Gaza Strip

Al-Manar TV: 00:47: Yedioth Ahronoth: The Israeli army is increasing the intensity of its attacks, especially in the northern Gaza Strip

Al-Manar TV: 00:51: The (Israeli) enemy fired artillery and phosphorous shells at Al-Sunbati and Khuza’a, east of Khan Yunis

1 am

Al-Manar TV: 1:00: The Zionist occupation commits a mass murder against civilians in Beit Hanoun

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:10: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: The Palestinian resistance fires large barrage of missiles towards Ashkelon, Beersheba and Sderot

Al-Manar TV: 1:13: al-Quds Brigades: We launched a large, precision-guided and advanced missile against the occupied territories in response to the brutal Zionist aggression

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:13: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: Al-Qassam Brigades bombarded Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba and Sderot with 50 rockets

Al-Alam TV: 1:15: The US withdraws 120 members of its military and civilian personnel from Palestine

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:16: Heavy missile barrages towards Beersheba

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:17: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: The Palestinian resistance fires large missile barrages towards Ashkelon, Beersheba, Sderot and Ashdod

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:19: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: The occupation artillery renewed its shelling of the northern Gaza Strip

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:20: Sirens sound in Gush Dan and Tel Aviv

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:25: The UN Security Council to hold meeting on Sunday to discuss developments in occupied Palestine

Al-Manar TV: 1:24: Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades: The resistance, in an initial response to the barbaric bombardment of northern Gaza, launches massive missile barrage at cities and settlements of the occupation

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:26: Al-Mayadeen correspondent: The occupation artillery fired shells at agricultural lands in the Sufa area, east of Rafah

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:33: For the first time, the range of (resistance) bombardment extends to Jezreel Valley

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:34: Al-Mayadeen Correspondent: Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades targeted the Fajah military site east of Juhor ad-Dik with a missile strike

Al-Manar TV: 1:37: Sirens sound in Netivot, Ashkelon, Eshkol, Sdot Negev, Ashkelon Beach and Beer Tovia

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:41: Electricity cut off in several neighborhoods in Ashkelon after missile strikes

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:42: Hadi al-Amiri, head of the Fatah bloc, contacts Ziyad al-Nakhalah, Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine

Al-Mayadeen TV: Al-Amiri to al-Nakhala: We affirm the solidarity of the Iraqi resistance with the Palestinian resistance, and we are in one trench in the face of (the same) enemy

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:46: Heavy (missile) barrage towards the south and the coastline

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:50: Hezbollah Brigades: What the Palestinian experience has achieved proved that resistance is the effective option to deter the enemy

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:52: Hezbollah Brigades: If the purpose of the American presence in Iraq is to support Israel, we remind them that the arena is one and the same

Al-Mayadeen TV: 1:55: Al-Quds Brigades fired missiles at Netivot, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gan Yavne and Tel Aviv

Al-Manar TV: 1:58: Military Correspondent for the Hebrew “Channel 13”: There is no decision for the Israeli army to enter the Gaza Strip by land

Al-Manar TV: 1:59: Al-Quds Brigades target Tel Aviv in the meantime

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